Tower of Dimensions

The Edge Of The World

The party, beginning to settle into their role as members of the Gale Winds, begin to take up missions of their own.

Kalfar meets with the Blacksmith to discuss the option of weapon upgrades. She hands him a copy of Weapons and Armor Monthly for the month of Rem. In the magazine is a reference guide for the party’s diverse choice of weaponry, including a list of the necessary items and the most common location. He finds that his ingredients are found at the Edge Of The World. He meets with the Receptionist and recieves his first sidequest, which aptly send him to the Edge Of The World.

Sage visits the Receptionist and recieves his first sidequest. His mission is to retrieve fifteen empty bottles found specifically at the Edge Of The World.

Dalry visits the Receptionist as well and asks for all available sidequests. The only one left is a treasure hunt, with the ultimate goal to find the green gem Mystic Wind, at… you guessed it. The Edge Of The World. He quickly accepts the sidequest.

Lyccyn opts to return to his tour of the city. It doesn’t last long, as Dalry grabs him as they pass by.

Along the way, the party fights a group of Shriekies intent on using them as food. The battle ensues, with the Shriekies using their Special Ability to daze the party. The newly-instated Gale Winds manage to beat them, with minimal fire damage done to the surrounding forest.

They eventually arrive at theie destination, and they come across a cave. The Cave At The Edge Of The World! They enter, and are immediately forced to split up. Lyccyn follows his path to a large chasm. While too big to jump over, he notices a climbable section of a nearby wall. Lyccyn is only seconds into his climb when he falls to his death. That is, until he hits the deep waters below. He makes his way to dry land and continues.

Kalfar finds a room with three levers. His incorrect first choice leads to a fight with a Ghouldier, a ghoul soldier. He wins the fight and presses onward.

Dalry and Sage continue down their path, coming across a treasure room. In each of the chests are the necessary ingredients to upgrade all of their weapons. They both press onward.

They all meet up after diving (or falling, in Lyccyn’s case) down each of their respective exits, and arrive in a large room. It is there that they encounter the object of Kalfar’s sidequest: a gigantic T-Rex. They dispense of it quickly, with Dalry getting the final strike by stabbing it through the brain. Kalfar takes a tooth as proof of completion.

They Auto Transport back to Gale Winds to recieve their rewards for completion, as well as recieving their first weapon upgrades and next month’s Weapons and Armor Monthly.

They are soon requested to make their appearance at the Gale Winds HQ for the meeting regarding their second mission with the guild.

Introductions and Mission_01
An Introduction To The Tower

Dalry, the Dragonborn Paladin, stumbles upon a great red gem being guarded by drunkards. As a treasure hunter, he is very attracted to the potential value in such a precious stone, so he goes to great lengths to attain it. Pretending to join them in their drinking, Dalry works to get closer to the gem. He eventually steals the gem, replacing the noticable empty spot with the pint of amber colored alcohol he had been drinking. The guards catch on to his bait-and-switch, and chase him along a stone-laden path.

Lyccin, the Elven Cleric, awakes with a throbbing headache. The surroundings look suspiciously familiar, though he can’t quite figure out why. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that he can’t remember his name or why he is there. The amnesiac Cleric hears a woman screaming in the distance, and rushes to her aid. He is unable to finish off the combatants, and they give chase to him along a stone-laden path.

Sage, the Tiefling Warlord, and Kalfar, the Drow Ranger, are patrolling the city and ensuring the safety of the great red gem known as the Mystic Fire. Sage instructs the rookie Kalfar on basic matters of combat strategy as they travel down a stone-laden path.

All four of them forcefully meet when Lyccin and Dalry both run into Kalfar and Sage. They make it to their feet, and inappropriately assign blame to each other. An airship then floated down, and a series of ropes dropped to the ground. A platoon of soldiers, led by Slane Merrick, approached the party, and demanded the Mystic Fire from Dalry.

Dalry refused, so Slane launched his attack. A battle ensued, and Dalry eventually landed what he thought to be the killing blow. Slane, wounded but still standing, sent out a electrifying whirlwind and captured the party. When the winds died down, only Sage remained standing. Using what was left of his stamina, he attempted a fireball attack that had drained him of his energy reserves. The party were unconsious and apprehended.

The party awoke to find themselves in a jail cell on the airship they had previously watched descend on them. After formal introductions and a brief discussion on how to free themselves, a commotion had been heard behind several doors in the vicinity. Speculation was short-lived when the main door to the room busted down and revealed their rescuers, Victoria Storm and Azrael Vandalier.

The two revealed themselves to be members of a guild known as the Gale Winds. The party was released from their cell and they all made a daring escape from the enemy’s airship, jumping off the edge onto their own.

The travel was long, but they soon ended up at the city that the Gale Winds called home. It was there that the treasure hunter Dalry, the wise Sage, the rookie Kalfar, and the amnesiac Lyccin, all became official members of the esteemed Gale Winds guild. They had also found out that the Mystic Fire gem was a mysterious key, and that Slane wishes to obtain it.

The team’s first mission is a bombing run to one of Slane’s reactor rooms. One team would serve as a decoy, with a fake version of the Mystic Fire gem. The other would infiltrate, and destroy one of the several machines that Slane uses as a power supply.

The first mission was a success, and so the team heads back to their new headquarters.

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