Welcome to the world of Pantel. A world surrounded by only water, except for a solitary tower that stretches out to the heavens. Technology of the different races was able to create artifical land that stretches out with the Tower as the center. There is no exact explanation in history as to why there is this tower or how long the races have lived here in relative peace. But all of that might come swiftly to the end.

An attempt is made on Princess Victoria Storm’s life. And a take over of the current government happens quickly. Jace Merrick a long time advisor to the throne staged a coup and over night things had shifted to his leadership. Both the King and Queen have been killed and the Merrick family have taken over. However, the Princess was not killed, instead saved by her friend Azrael Vandalier. The two are now on the run and only 9 years old.

As the new regime steps in the world is changed, as the new government rules by fear and money and seems to have a secret goal in mind that revolves around the Tower that stretches to the heavens. 7 Years have passed since the change in government has come to pass.

Now 16 year old Victoria Storm and Azrael Vandalier lead a rebellion against the current government called ‘The Gale Winds’. Followed by faithful retainers to the old crown, they press forward with their own plans to over throw the corrupt government.

Tower of Dimensions

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